Our Story

Looking for ethically luxurious beauty? Care about the health of your skin and the well being of mother nature and the animal kingdom?  

Harveen and Diana talked about this problem of animal testing often because they wanted to make a change in their entire household, from beauty products to household products. Being passionate animal lovers, they wanted to end this horrible practice of animal testing. They then decided to take a chance and create their own line of makeup: Luxuria Cosmetics.

Harveen had stumbled onto Youtube videos of people talking about the extremities of animal testing on beauty products. To her shock, the brands mentioned were some of her favourites. This sparked a lot of research on other makeup brands, which she could not afford that were cruelty free. Unfortunately, there weren’t many choices that were affordable, natural and cruelty free. So Harveen bought many different brands from many different websites but still never found what she was looking for.

Luxuria Cosmetics gives you high quality affordable cosmetics. Natural and skin-friendly formulated foundations, mascara, lipsticks and much more. 100% cruelty free in all of our development and manufacturing processes.

They came up with a brand that is ethical yet luxurious. A line that is mostly vegan (only non-vegan ingredient used is beeswax or lanolin), natural, cruelty free, beautiful and affordable. We believe in a higher level of consciousness and carry out all of our practices with social and ethical responsibility. We absolutely LOVE our makeup and we are sure you will too.

Luxuria Cosmetics provides women of all ages with a make up line they can trust to be ethical and that brings out your natural beauty.

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