Blonde or light brown hair with cool skin

Base your look on cool, icy tones, particularly those with blue or pink undertones. These are colors found in your skin and will therefore flatter you best. But watch out not to cover your face with too many light shades as it can make you look washed out.

Make sure your look has a focus, be it in a darker shadow or noticeable lipstick (doesn't have to be bright). If you do want to wear pastel eyes and nude lips, apply lots of mascara.

Finally, your big makeup mistake is wearing too much heavy blush. Most blondes blush no darker than rose pink, so going any deeper that this will look unnatural.

Stay away from warm yellows and oranges. It will make you look ill.



Gwyneth Paltrow & Claudia Schiffer

Best Eye Colors:

Slate greys, sky or icy blues, lilacs and plums

 Luxuria Tip - Mountain, Stratosphere or Meteorite

Navy or gray mascara can also look better

Best Blushers:

Sugar or rose pink

 Luxuria Tip - Flaunt or Feisty

Best Lipsticks:

Sugary pink, lilacs, heathers or pinky browns

 Luxuria Tip - Nude pink, Guava, Wish or Playful