Lumishine Lipgloss Tips

Exfoliate your lips daily.

Use a soft wash cloth or cleansing brush and apply a moisturising lip treatment before you go to bed. Smooth lips look best.


When applying lip gloss work your way from the middle of your mouth, blending the lip gloss outward. Stop just before the edge of your lips to prevent bleeding of the color. You can use a wand or a lip brush for better results.


Luxuria Cosmetics is proud to offer you a wide range of lip gloss colors. Vegan makeup to add shine to your face. But be sure to pick a color that will suit your coloring.

Pinks: For fair skin a sheer cool pink is best, medium skin tones should try a warmer shade, and dark complexions suit better a brighter fuchsia.

Berries: Light berry shades are best for fair skin, where medium skin tones best suit cool shimmery shades, and rich plum tones match darker skin.

Nudes: Soft sher nudes complement fair skin, medium skin tones seek out coppery shades, and dark skin suits shimmery cocoa.


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