Maturing skin help

‘The neck and chest are some of the first areas to show aging, yet most of us ignore them’


Firming facial for maturing skin

This once a week facial hydrates intensely, but also uses massage techniques to boost circulation and to tighten and firm the skin.

  1. Cleanse the skin using a milky cleanser, applying it directly onto your face with your fingers. Leave it to sind in for a few seconds, then, using circular movements (always moving up the face), massage it in. Remove with cotton balls in the dame fashion. This will increase circulation to the skin.
  2. Starting at your chin, move around the edge of the jaw and face, lightly tapping the skin 10 to 20 times at points an inch apart. Do the same around the eyes. This will help boost circulation and reduce puffiness, creating a firmer look.
  3. Apply an exfoliating mask. This will get rid of dead skin cells, but is more hydrating than a facial scrub alone (try a peel-off cucumber mask or sugar recipe). Apply tightening cucumber pads (or slices of the real thing) to your eyes and relax. Rinse off, finishing by splashing the face 10 to 20 times with cold water. This boosts circulation, ready for the treatments to come.
  4. Apply a vitamin serum, again using upward stroking movements, but this time from the neck. Slap the underside of your chin 20 times.
  5. Finish with a thick coat of rich moisturizer. Leave this to soak in for five minutes, then remove any excess with cotton balls.


5 tips for maturing skin

  • Rish moisturizers are great for maturing skin, but if you start to break out in pimples your moisturizer is too rich. Alternate it with a lighter type.
  • Don’t stop skincare at your chin – your neck gives away your age faster than your face ever can. Ditto your hands – always rub a little of whatever you’re using on your face on those too.
  • Use a special eye cream daily. Eyes are the first place to show aging and need specialist treatment.
  • Never drag the skin while removing makeup or putting on moisturizer. When the skin is already under threat from aging, pulling or folding the skin adds to the pressure. Do everything lightly.
  • Boost your intake of antioxidant vitamins by aiming for seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day. These not only help fight the effects of aging, but also help your skin to create its own sun protection, which will fight any UV rays that get through your sunscreen.