Our Values

At Luxuria Cosmetics we provide you with the best beauty products you can ask for. We believe this can be achieved using safe ingredients, without harming any animals in the process. We feel we are responsible for this earth and the future of mother nature and humaity. We make ethical choices and help those who do good. Join us in our quest to make a good impact on the world.


Animal testingLuxuria Cosmetics No Animal Testing

Luxuria is a cruelty-free brand from ingredients to finished products. We have not and will not test on animals. Our manufacturer and lab does not use any animal testing either and do not allow others to test on our behalf. We are committed to supporting initiatives to end animal testing in the whole beauty industry and beyond. 


Our brand is certified by PETA (people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as cruelty-free. See more here


Vegan products

We strive to offer you an extensive range of vegan products. Most of our products are, but all are suitable for vegetarians. For instance our whole range of mineral products are made of non-animal derived ingredients. Those few products that are not vegan have only one of two ingredients, namely beeswax or lanolin. Both of these ingredients however involve no animal testing or cruelty to animals for the process of obtaining the ingredient. Plant-derived or safe synthetic alternatives are becoming available more and more. We do our best to convert our products to 100% vegan ingredients where possible.

You can identify vegan products by the green word vegan in the products description.


Care about animals

Please take a moment to look at what you can do to support any of PETAs campaigns, your local SPCA or other animal group. They need our help.

Our little brand mascot motivates us to change the future for all animals. We adopted Bubu when his owners left him behind and moved away. He was left outside to fend for himself.

We support the work that The Gentle Barn does every day. We have signed up to donate every month by sponsoring one of their animals. His name is Thumper. He is a sheep who was rescued with his mom from a backyard butcher where he would have ultimately been slaughtered.  When he arrived he was very ill and scared, so we set to work to heal his body and his heart. He will live the rest of his life with his mom and only know kindness and safety from now on.


Safe Cosmetics

We value providing our customers with safe, non-toxic cosmetics. Our products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP). We follow the recommendations of the FDA and our manufacturing facilities are set up in accordance with PCPC Quality Assurance Guidelines. Through consumer and clinical testing we make sure our products are safe for daily use.

There are many toxic chemicals that are used in todays cosmetics. Many of these ingredients have been proven to cause cancer, skin or birth disorders, tumors and irritation. Luxuria is dedicated to providing you with toxin-free, paraben-free cosmetics. All our formulas are in compliance with global requirements.

Because our products do not contain toxic-chemicals or parabens our cosmetics are safe for children to use as well.

We have signed up with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. They are committed to protecting the health of people and the environment while simultaneously fostering a vibrant, green economy that creates new opportunities for sustainable businesses.

We believe our customers have the right to know what they apply to their skin. At Luxuria we enforce a truly ethical approach and give our customers and our earth only goodness. To show this we signed the Natural Ingredient Resource Center Truth in Labelling pledge.