Sun Damage (and Dark Skin Tones)

Melanin is what creates everyone's skin color. The amount of melanin determines how dark your pigment becomes. More Melanin means a darker skin shade and less a lighter color. But Melanin does more, it also gives the skin the ability to handle sun exposure better and it takes longer for sun damage to become visible. The natural defenses of your skin against the sun are increased by having more melanin in your skin.

It might sound like great news to women with darker skin, melanin gives extra protection, not complete protection. Unprotected sun exposure will still damage your skin. The damage can show in uneven skin tone, wrinkles and slower healing or scars or wounds. Chronically exposing your skin to the sun creates huge risk of damaging your skin, even if it might take longer to be visible or more intense sun exposure for those with darker skin. No matter what color, all skin can be damaged and everyone should apply and reapply high SPF sunscreen during a day outdoors, especially after swimming or perspiring.

Luxuria has a range of products that include natural ingredients that give you extra sun protection. All our mineral products are packed with titanium dioxide to give your skin added natural protection. But when exposing your skin extensively to the sun we advise you to always apply sunscreen regularly.


What are Luxuria's natural sun protecting ingredients?

Luxuria products are formulated with the natural ingredients titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and green tea extract.

Naturally occurring from the earth, titanium dioxide is a mineral to give your skin a natural, physical sun block. It reflects sun ray's unlike chemical sunscreen which absorbs the ray's depending on the SPF. Titanium dioxide shields the skin effectively from both burning (UVB) and aging (UVA) waves. It will also helps add viscosity and texture to your skin.

Another all natural mineral, with a great safety record, is zinc oxide. It also protects against both UVB and UVA waves and is a physical, chemical free ingredient. For sensitive skin it can work anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating. ECOCERT has certified zinc oxide as a raw material that complies with the standards for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics. The USFDA has approved zinc oxide as the only UV filter that gives full spectrum coverage across the entire UVB and UVA waves range.

Green tea extract gives you a (minimal) SPF protection from the sun. It can boost your skins protective qualities for short exposure to the sun. But more importantly, green tea is a great antioxidant for your skin. Its high level of polypheols can help fight free radicals and sun damage. Drinking a lot of green tea will also give you internal protection from UV radiation.


UVB and UVA explained:

UVB rays are the good rays. They stimulate the melanin and give your skin a tanning affect. It also supports your body's vitamin D production. Too much UVB can also give you sunburns and are linked to cataracts.

UVA rays are more abundant than UVB and they penetrate deeper into the skin. They cause many aging effects, like destruction of collagen and elastin, alteration of pigment, DNA damage, photo aging or contribute to UVB cancer-causing effects. UVA rays are so strong that they penetrate thick clouds and light clothing and are present all day, every day, no matter the weather.

So protect yourself from sun damage every day, even when the sun is not prominent. Avoid sun exposure in the middle of a clear summer day (10.00am-3.00pm).