Tips To Match Your Skin Tone

Mocha Skin

Women with this coloring have so many makeup hues to choose from, and they look especially radiant in golden colors.


Choose golden-pink shimmer. It will bring out the natural gold in your skin.


Pick caramels, toffees, coffees, chocolate browns, deep wines, navy blues, granites, golds, bronzes, emerald greens, teals, deep plums, and violets.


Look for berries, golden corals, bronzes, terracottas, deep warm pinks, and dark apricots.


Think sheer golds, beiges, coffees, caramels, toffees, bronzes, berries, plums, wines, pinks, corals, sheer raisins, and garnet reds.


Dark Skin

You can pull off bold, jewel-tones colors like no one else! ANything too light or sheer might look ashy.


Choose a true gold colors. It's the perfect hue for you.


Choose golds, coppers, bronzes, coffees, deep navy and cobalt, rich dark eggplant and purples, deep jewel-toned greens, slate and dark charcoal grays, mettallics, ebony, and deep mahogany and chocolate browns.


Think dark raisins, burnt orange, magentas, fuchsia (don't be scared, it will look beautiful on dark skin), and rich blood reds.


Pick sheer lip gloss in shimmery clears, golds, honeys, caramels, oranges, corals, tangerine, deep plums, bronzes, bronzy pinks. Or choose lipsticks in sheer mahogany, blackberry, maroon, raisin, and deep red.