Which color suits you?

Knowing how to choose the right hues for you is vital to helping yourself look your best. Luckily you can wear pretty much any color, so long as you pick the right shade. To do this you need to know two things.

Firstly your current hair color. This shows you the depth or brightness of shade that will flatter you best. The lighter your hair, the lighter the shade that will suit you, and vice versa.

Secondly you need to know your skin tone. This will help to reveal what shades of a color will suit you best. To determine your skin tone, look at the inside of your wrist, while holding it over a piece of white paper. Is the skin a shade of white, pink, blue or gray it means you have a cool skin tone and you need cool shades. If your skin is yellow or brown you have a warm skin tone and need warm shades.

To find your perfect colors, just look up your hair and skin tone combination underneath: